Monday, October 5, 2009

Blog #2

One food that I have eaten in its real form is pasta noodles. Now I mostly eat processed noodles that come in a box at the grocery store. The real pasta noodles were darker, more of a golden color, as opposed to the chalky color they have if someone would purchase them at the grocery store. The smell is hard to tell because all of the noodles I have eaten (real or fake) have been heavily covered in sauces, so that overpowered the noodle smell. The real pasta noodles had a more rich taste, as opposed to the bland taste of “box” noodles.

            The real food does have some nutrients in it, such as, protein, carbohydrate fiber and, fat. The “fake” pasta has nowhere near the amount of nutrients as the “real” pasta though. It merely has carbohydrates and possibly a little fiber. Obviously the real version of a food is going to be a lot more nutritious for you than the “fake” version. Dr. Leslie Van Romer explains this in her article “Real Food or Fake Food”. I agree with her completely that processed foods have lost most of their valuable nutrients and that they aren’t necessarily unhealthy for you, they are just not as healthy as the real version.

I switched to the “fake” version for my grandmother’s convenience. It was too time consuming for her to make homemade noodles like that all the time. I believe I was around six or seven when she stopped making them.

I will probably not eat the real version of this food, routinely, in the future, unless my grandma starts making them again. I really don’t know the process and I know it takes a lot of time and I am just not willing to commit that to making pasta, so I think I will just stick with the old “box noodles”. 

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