Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Carepackage Demonstration Speech

The demonstration speech I gave was on making a care package for a college student. I thought my demonstration was very relevant to the class because, as explained in my speech, my audience was all college students and they all probably have friends that go to different colleges and want to send them a little something to remind them of home. While watching me speech I noticed a few things that I did not do well. My body language wasn’t very good or appealing to my audience because I swayed a lot. Also I did not have much eye contact with the audience. I was often looking at my paper or visual aids I had placed out. I would say that I had a bad delivery overall, which brought down the effectiveness of my speech. Some things I did okay were my volume and pace. I could always hear and understand what I was saying. I also did have hints of enthusiasm here and there, but not enough to keep the audience interested. The main things I did well involved my content and visual aids. I explained my purpose well in the introduction. The information was good and I presented the steps in a logical order. However my conclusion was a little rushed, probably because I was so nervous. My visual worked very well with my speech because then I could show how to exactly pack a care package. Overall my effectiveness was not very good. There was little to no interaction with my audience. I think my effectiveness could have been a lot better if my delivery would have been stronger. That was the biggest downfall to my speech. If I could have relaxed more and not have been so nervous, I think my speech could have gone a lot better.

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