Thursday, November 19, 2009

Celebrity Endorsement

            The celebrity endorsement I chose to look at was Reese Witherspoon, supporting Avon Cosmetics. This is probably one of the more intense or serious endorsements. Avon went so far as to name Witherspoon its “Global Ambassador” in 2007. Usually celebrity endorsements are simply an athlete, actor, or some other well-known person, doing a TV commercial or two. Few companies have given their endorsers a title with the endorsement. Obviously there are some tasks and goals that Reese Witherspoon must meet to maintain her “status”.

            Honestly I think Reese Witherspoon is a very appropriate candidate for an endorser, in some sense. She has probably used Avon’s products before and knows how well they work. From this viewpoint, a customer, Witherspoon would be as knowledgeable as any other consumer. She is well known and people would respect her opinion, so I think people would take her recommendations into consideration. One aspect that Reese Witherspoon might not be as well informed on is the medical part of this product. She might not know or understand the good or bad health affects of Avon merchandise. Only doctors or health professionals would know enough about the subject to inform the public properly. That being said, in some sense Witherspoon is completely qualified to endorse this product, but in other aspects she might not be qualified enough to be telling people about the product.

            I think this type of endorsement will have the desired affect. People who would buy this product are most likely woman and Reese Witherspoon is a very respectable woman in the media. She is a mother, wholesome actress, and supports good-hearted organizations. I honestly think many woman respect her opinion over many other well known actresses or athletes. When people see her on TV or at press conferences, supporting this product, I think they will trust her judgment. 

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